Eliza Jane Goes ahead finally (January 2020) and Cyber Spooks is here.
Cyber Spooks for 9-12 year olds is here!
Cyber Spooks paperback out now March 2020
Spooky story for 9-12yearolds
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Two novels 'Fusion' and 'The Cosmopolites' by Eliza Jane Goes
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The Cosmopolites- August 2010
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A Visit to the Pestalozzi village
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Preface to a second edition of Fusion
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Cyber Spooks paperback out now March 2020

What is everyone so scared of at Poppy's Halloween party?

What are they so scared of at Poppy's Halloween party?

Differentiated worksheets for Years 6, 7 or 8. (Something that every pupil can do and a bit more for those who have finished.)

Cyber Spooks:       Worksheet 1

A: After you have read Chapter 1: It isn't me answer the following questions:

1. Who do we meet? Who is telling the story?
2. Where are they and what have they been doing?
3. What does Poppy see on the escalator that makes her so scared? 
4. What does her brother Ralph think of that?
5. What does Poppy need to do when they get home? Why?
6. What happens then when she's trying to listen to music?
7. Why might Poppy and Ralph's mum and dad exchange glances?


 Why do you think 'Mum' has a strange look on her face?

Poppy says, 'I'm freezing again. It's like something is stealing my warmth.'  Why do you think that might be?

Who do you think is talking to Poppy in her bedroom? Is that scary?

What do we find out about Uncle Tom? What does Dad tell us about what happened to him?


If you were planning a Halloween Party, what would you like for
* food and drinks
* costumes
* music
* games 
* anything else you can think of.


D: DRAW A PICTURE of Halloween food or a Halloween costume you would like.

'Actually' is Ralph's favourite word. Do you have a favourite word?
'Pinata [pinyata) isn't an English word. Can you think of any other words we use in English which come from other languages?
Why do you think Uncle Tom was given the 'chemical cudgel' as Dad describes it? What do you think that means?


Cyber Spooks:                Worksheet 2

A: Answer the following questions after you read Chapter 2: Next Morning

1.       Why is Poppy disappointed with what the postman brings?

2.       Who (or what) do you think Voice is?

3.       Where has Mum been hiding Poppy’s presents?

4.       Describe Ralph’s birthday parcel for his big sister Poppy.

5.       Who comes to visit Poppy and what present does she bring>

6.       What does Voice ask later in the day?

7.       Who does Dad think Voice is?


Why does Poppy want to invite Ralph and his friend Charlie to her party?

What superstitions do some people have? Are you superstitious about anything?

Poppy says, ‘She might not be my real mum but she’s a good mum…’ How did that happen and what does this make you feel?

Why doesn’t Poppy tell Katie about Voice? Do you think she should tell her? Do you ever keep secrets from your family or your best friend? You don’t have to tell what they are!

Poppy asks her mum and dad who Pippa is. How do they both show how they feel? Who do they think Pippa is?


Do you think Ralph is cute and funny? Why?

Make a list of the presents you would like for your next birthday. Would you like to have had Poppy’s presents? Why or why not?

In pairs or groups talk about the costumes you might wear to Poppy’s Halloween party


D  DRAW A PICTURE of one or some of the birthday presents you would like to receive.

LANGUAGE:  Think about how the following are used:      ‘old lady’              Pff…whatever           birthday smacker                 Teenybopper.                                           What else could have been said instead of those words? Might the meaning have been changed?

Cyber Spooks                    Worksheet 3


A:  Answer the following questions on Chapter 3: The Halloween Birthday Party.

1.       Why is everyone at Poppy’s party wearing something white?
2.       The guests at the Halloween party are A. children B. adults C. between childhood and adolescence D. adolescents
3.       The 2 youngest guests might be A. Katie and Corinne B. Sarah and Sean C. Mary and Jonathan  D. Charlotte and Poppy
4.       Why do you think Sean is loving the party?
5.       What is Poppy not sure she’s ready for?
6.       What does everyone see when the lights are low? How does Poppy explain it?
7.       Mary snores but what do Poppy’s friends tell her she does in her sleep?


Sometimes it’s difficult to be between a child and a grown-up. Talk about how you feel.

Mum and Dad don’t seem to like the way Poppy and her friends dance. What’s Poppy’s favourite music? What’s yours?

 What do you think of grown up dancing?

Why is it Corinne who asks Mr Danford if they can party for a bit longer?

Poppy is feeling annoyed and embarrassed with ‘Mum’. Do you feel like that sometimes?

Who do you think Penelope might be?


Have you ever ducked for apples, played spin the bottle, ‘Would I lie to you? ‘or ‘Would you rather?’  Or have you ever done any magic tricks?

They were drinking cherryade for Frankenstein’s blood. Do you think it was Frankenstein who liked to drink blood or was it Dracula? FIND OUT if Frankenstein was a vampire too (or did Poppy get it wrong?)

Talk about a sleepover you went to or perhaps would like to go to.

D:    DRAW A PICTURE of ONE of the characters dressed in his or her costume OR find pictures of Frankenstein and Dracula and draw sketches of one or the other or both of them.

E:    LANGUAGE:  Think of the meanings of:     ultraviolet light   Gross!     Snog     hot-dog mummies   cream crackered      guffaws     sprawled    peed off

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