Eliza Jane Goes ahead finally (January 2020) and Cyber Spooks is nearly here! and so is a new anthology of short stories.
The world of words has taken over. There seems to be no time for marketing but must do something about that!
Cyber Spooks is finally on its way
Spooky story for 9-12yearolds
Thank you Swanwick Writers' School
Couldn't have succeeded without Swanwick
Two novels 'Fusion' and 'The Cosmopolites' by Eliza Jane Goes
Brief advertising flyer
The CosMOpolites (why?)
The Cosmopolites- August 2010
A Visit to LBF 2011
London Book Fair
A Visit to the Pestalozzi village
Meeting inspiring students
Informal reviews and comments
Preface to a second edition of Fusion
Some changes for the better.
July 2010 - Remembering Gloria Hagberg 'Granny of the Airlifts'
Pictures and story of Gloria Hagberg
Kenya Revisited
Forty years on from 1969
Rotary Club of Nairobi
Barack Obama for President?
Can he do it? YES HE DID!!
Learn more about the book.
Synopsis - and more about the characters.
Is it Moray or Caithness?
The truth about Balnahuig and Altnabervie
Blurbs illustrating the themes of 'Fusion'
Some excerpts from Fusion
Spot the Fusion in the pictures
A Rainbow of People
The story behind the publishing of Fusion
The project goes ahead.
Designing the cover.
Not the best cover but not bad for a technowally? Can you follow any themes from the pictures?
A Better Front Cover?
Still experimenting. Any more clues to the themes?

Eliza Jane Goes ahead finally (January 2020) and Cyber Spooks is nearly here! and so is a new anthology of short stories.

Burns Night at Lindleyhook.

The Muse has come back and I'm finally inspired to put a title to an anthology of short stories and poems which has been languishing on my desktop for far too long. 
Look out for:

Burns Night in Lindleyhook

and other quick reads for short journeys
and other spare moments

What are they so scared of at Poppy's Halloween party?

Here I am in May 2019, revisiting this long lost website, having moved from diverse Hendon to almost rural Hampshire. 
It has been a bit of a culture shock to say the least!


international village


inspired by toastlovecoffee

Cover of Fusion

Fusion Video Trailer

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Ricardo and Ella face the world together.

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The Not Quite English Teacher

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About the Author:
Eliza Jane Goes (Liz Grant) was born on a farm in scenic Lower Speyside, Morayshire, Scotland where she enjoyed a happy childhood feeding orphan lambs in spring and being part of a strong community where everyone knew everyone else. From tiny Urquhart primary school and small Fochabers secondary school, she took a brave step towards Kings College, Aberdeen University where she gained an MA in English, Geography and Moral Philosophy. After getting a PGCE, she was about to take a job at her old secondary school, Milne's High School, Fochabers, when she spotted a request for teachers in East Africa. This began a long journey which hasn't yet ended.
'The Cosmopolites' is her second novel, a sequel to 'Fusion'. She also writes short stories, travel articles and poetry, some in her native Doric, to remind herself of her roots.
She and her husband live in North West London, where she taught at Hendon School, and their daughter and her husband now live and work in Surrey.

Saturday July 20th 2013

Progress! The manuscript has moved along and I'm quite excited about what's going to happen next in the plot! At last.
Also, I dared to look at Amazon for reviews and was surprised and pleased to find one for Fusion - and it wasn't bad.
Fellow writers, isn't it so easy to sink into despondancy when you've spent years toiling away at your manuscripts and almost nobody seems to notice or care?
On the other hand, isn't it irritating to be bombarded by constant requests to read the blogs or buy the books of fellow writers, some of whom you know and like. You can't read or buy even a fraction of them and some genres you simply don't want to buy. 
Hey, writing friends, I read a lot and like you a lot, but I can't buy ALL your books. I'm sure you feel the same about mine. What's the answer? I hate marketing - which of course doesn't help!

Resolution 1: move from reading a lot and writing a little towards reading a little (or less) to writing a lot (or more).

Resolution 2: find the courage to promote my writing (and get to grips with Twitter.)    

Just a tiny bit excited to learn that my three books 'Fusion' 'The Cosmopolites' and 'The Not Quite English Teacher' have been long-listed in a competition. This may not mean a lot but I live in hope.

Happy reading and writing folks!

July 18th 2013:

Hello Readers
It's been a long time. Call it a winter of disconnect. Sometimes, by the time you get off email, facebook, twitter and on line shopping, the internet overload gives you mental indigestion and there's not a lot left in the brain for writing. 
No more excuses: the roses have been smelt and the new book (a spooky story for tweenagers) has been stumbling forward in fits and starts. Now it's time to just get on with it! 
The working title is 'It isn't me': what do you think of the opening?

Brent Cross Shopping Centre, October 30th 2013

There isn't a mirror but I'm staring into my face peering back, mouth open, eyes boring into mine. I know it's my face, but it isn't me. And it's not my school uniform she's wearing.
        This other 'me' doesn't speak and nor do I. A cold draught cuts through my bones and I open my mouth to say something. But What? 'Hello Me?' How stupid is that? We stand rooted to the spot somewhere between fear and disbelief, dream and reality.
          It takes a few seconds to dawn on me that we're passing by on up and down escalators which have stuck. Now that's weird. We're right opposite each other, suspended in limbo. There's a shudder and we start moving again, me down, she up; we watch each other float away, swallowed up by shoppers. I miss the end of the moving steps and stumble into my mother's back as I try to get a last glimpse of her.
           'What's wrong Poppy? You look like you've seen a ghost.'
           'I think I have, Mum - my own ghost.'
           'You can't have a ghost, stupid. You're not dead yet,' says my annoying little brother Josh. 

Greenacre Writers, Finchley - superb group

A fun writers' group in Watford - terrific!

For a great writers' week, come to Swanwick.

Teapots at Christies

Peter and Beth Dawson + author
Cha Mar Gail and Angie
p. b. james ruth
Ronnie and me
ex teacher martha
mgt ralph at chs bday
Mavis in Nairn worked hard.

May 10th,2011
Hello again after a long time. Now that daughter Gemma and her Gareth are married and settled in their new home, it's back to writing, so novel 3, 'The Not Quite English Teacher' is coming along quickly after a few false starts.
The world of words has taken over: 2 local book groups so lots of reading, Watford Writers, Greenacre Writers "Finish That Novel",Finchley, Swanwick Writers' Week, Kenton writers + reviews and competition judging haven't left much time for writing novel 3 or marketing novel 2. Might have to cut down! And there's some word of a bicycle rally! With keep fit, 2 hours of teaching and just 'living', there just isn't time to be retired. The London Book Fair nearly finished me off. See link.

A response to 'The CosMOpolites':

Ursula Hausler 12 February at 20:07 Report
I am not a critic, but I have to tell you that i loved your book!!!!!!!!!! you are a fantastic writer, and i enjoyed every word!!!!!!! and i also learned a lot about different cultures, while i was reliving every experience the characters went through. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! much love, and success!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ursula. It's so good to get messages like this. Hope life is good in Macedonia.

January 30th 2011
A reminder that some of the profits from the sale of 'Fusion' go to the Pestalozzi village. Scroll down to learn more about what happens there and click on the link on the left to reach their website.
Hello Henrietta Barnet School Rotary Interact Group. I hope you do forge a link with Pestalozzi. Perhaps fundraising through their Ladybird Club might appeal to your younger members.
Congratulations on your excellent 'Evening of Light Musical Entertainment' of yesterday, January 29th.

Thank you!

December 10th: Thank you all you lovely people who braved the cold weather to come along to the Adam and Eve on Tuesday, listen to my splurge and even buy a book. It was good to see you all - especially those who travelled far.
We had a meal later downstairs, which was delicious - and will definitely be going back there! Have a wonderful festive season!! xx

adam and eve

Welcome Back to The Adam and Eve


The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, NW7 1RL

Come and see what a wonderful job of refurbishment Nick and Tim Cockburn and their team have done!

Find out how the new proprietors have Mill Hill’s interests at heart by planning to welcome local input to help them become a hub of the community.

On Tuesday, December 7th at 7:30pm

Join Gerry and Liz Goes for a drink
at the launch of Liz’s second novel ‘The Cosmopolites’.
This is a sequel to her well-received and much praised first novel ‘Fusion’

Signed copies of both books will be on sale after the author reads excerpts from the books and answers questions.

You may also meet book lovers and writers from local groups such as the enterprising Greenacre Writers from Finchley

Click here to send me a message

The Trouble with Titles

Titles are tricky. While 'Fusion' for novel one caused confusion by raising connotations of hydrogen bombs, foreign food, mixed musical origins, bubble gum or men's shavers, 'The Cosmopolites' seems to be leading to just as much misinterpretation. It appears, even, to be hard to pronounce. 'Fusion' was cleverly rescued by a friendly little African melting pot, which itself has been loved and hated, indicating the cultural fusion it was supposed to represent. Thank you Raphael of Trafford.
'The Cosmopolites' does the job intended. The main characters have travelled widely and, although they give allegiance to their native countries, they declare that they are 'citizens of the world' and therefore owe greater allegiance to global concerns. The suggestion is that I find a more accessible title to catch the eye of the browsers. I ask myself if that is what I want to do. One suggestion was 'The Enthusiasts' - but that has no international association. The characters could be enthusiastic about anything - like boiled eggs or gardening. I've thought of 'The Cosmopolitans' - but they were pretentious, sophisticated creatures of the 1920s. 'The Global Villagers' weren't around in the 1970s, 'The Globetrotters' are much too rich and frivolous, 'The Wanderers' suggests aimlessness, Beyond the Borders (not quite right), 'The Internationalists' (oh yes) but perhaps too political and business orientated. I'm afraid it's back to 'The Cosmopolites' - citizens of no particular country - well-meaning towards all - but, for practical reasons, loyal to the country they live in and for emotional reasons, tied to the countries of their birth. What more can I say?

LATEST NEWS: July 2010

The sad news is that Gloria Hagberg has died. Our thoughts are with Paula and the family. (See link.)

Fusion - A Review

Buy Fusion

November 26th

Wow! It's a long time since I've read a book at one sitting. So here I am with cold feet, a full bladder and an empty stomach. So many resonances and memories jogged, from ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane' to a wet tent on Mt Kenya to remembering exactly where I was when Kelly Holmes won the 1500m and I had tears in my eyes. My head is buzzing. Can I just say, ‘Well Done and Congratulations and thank you so much for the book and the inscription.’
A funny day, yesterday. After the arrival of the postie about lunchtime I was plunged into the richness of the kaleidoscope of Africa and all Ella's turbulent emotions and adventures. I emerged hours later, blinking, as if woken from a dream.
So much of your thoughts and philosophy and optimism was buzzing around in my head that sleep was improbable. I prowled the bookshelves and eventually lit upon George MacKay Brown. It took an hour of his gentle island cadences and spare prose to settle me down.
Certainly the book doesn't fit neatly into any genre- rather it comes into the category of 'all things counter, original, spare, strange', and I like that. In fact I like everything about it. I had been prepared for a few flaws in a first novel, and there may well be, but nothing jumped out at me to interrupt the narrative. Your descriptions of Africa are compelling and accord with my first impressions of Kenya on an all too brief visit
in 1989.
So why, after a really enjoyable read, do I still have a lump in my throat this morning? Nostalgia for lost youth perhaps – a questioning as to what I have done in the cause of world harmony? Nothing negative perhaps, but is that enough? 'They also serve...'
I don't know.
I dislike bigots, zealots and extremists of all varieties but I have never really gone out of my way to confront them?
So, I suppose there is a wee bit of envy there in my admiration of your achievement, your courage and your unshakeable optimism. But, hey, if you're not optimistic what is the point of getting up in the morning?
You have made me think and that is the highest compliment I can give a book.
Now, off you go and finish the next one which I expect will take another day of my life.....

In defence of Trafford

October 2009

Although Trafford Oxford no longer exist and Trafford Vancouver have been taken over by Author Solutions, USA, they are still processing orders and providing support despite the changeover problems. Some of the vilification they have received in the media has been unfair. They provided a service asked for by certain authors, including myself. The product I received was of good quality and I always knew that the editing, proof-reading and marketing were up to me. Also, it was clear from the start that I would retain my copyright.
It did not take me too long to cover my costs - but the marketing is hard work.

You can visit Trafford, USA, via the Buy Fusion link or ring Toll free 001 888 232 4444

In Scotland, you can find Fusion at Waterstones Bookstore, St Giles Shopping Centre, Elgin.

July 16th 2009 (The morning after.)
Well done Year 7 now 8. You were brilliant. Your lively and enthusiastic performance of Fusion the play created a happy memory for everyone there. The money raised is going to a rescue centre for orphans in Nairobi who really really need it! Thank you for your hard work. I won't ever forget you.

JULY 2009
Fusion the play will be performed by Year 7 now 8 at Hendon School at 6:30pm on Wednesday 15th July. E mail for tickets and information.

May 2009
A wonderful group of Year 7 pupils (and some of their teachers) at Hendon School have been helping me to put together a performance adapted from the novel 'Fusion'. They are very special. Watch this space!

March 2009:
Follow the links:
Read about our Kenyan trip in 'Kenya Revisited' - an article written for the Rotary Club of Golders Green magazine.
Thank you for the warm welcome Rotary Club of Nairobi.
See new pictures of Gloria Hagberg and her daughter Paula.

Hi there wide world!

Welcome to my website which is the result of yet another scary leap into the unknown territory of the internet. Another Luddite (that's me, Alexia) bites the dust and another technowally graduates from, 'How do you switch this flaming thing on?' to 'Isn't technology wonderful?' After "Fusion" "The Cosmopolites" and "The Not Quite English Teacher" are in the pipeline. Watch this space.
By the way, if any of you acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues or ex students think you recognise yourselves, it isn't you!

Some of the profits from the sale of 'Fusion will go to the Pestalozzi Scholarship Fund .

international village for students from developing countries

I am pleased to say that the Pestalozzi organisation are delighted to be associated with 'Fusion'.I cannot think of a more appropriate and worthwhile cause to support. Find out more about them from their website or click on the link above.

They have sent us the following brief statement:

'Pestalozzi scholarships change lives. We are unique in selecting students from the developing world who are:
* from an extremely disadvantaged background
* academically exceptional and showing the
potential to succeed
* already giving community service
* fully committed to devoting their education and
expertise to those who need it most.
The gift of an education means that more young people can finally begin to break the cycles of poverty that have held their countries back for so long.'


Find out what happens to feisty, funny, red-haired Ella when she tackles the wee bullies and big bullies in remote 1950s and 60s Scotland and when she flies off to Africa, all alone, leaving her family behind. Can she find the answers to these big questions she's always asked herself - like 'Why am I the only one in the family with flaming red hair?' or 'Is it a good idea for people to migrate all over the world and squash each others' cultures?' Will she make a new life in Africa or somewhere else or will she go home to the safety and comfort of her old community in Scotland? What dangers will she come across and will she find romance?
Find out how she always seems to come across different kinds of bullies - and how she hates them.
Can she sort out the bullies? Can anyone do that?

See the SYNOPSIS under 'Learn more about the book.'

Who is 'Fusion' aimed at?

*ALL OF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE who have read this far and want to make the world a better place and care about what happens to humankind in the future.

* The young people I have had the privilege of working with, the vast majority of whom are full of youthful optimism and a remarkable intolerance of intolerance. These young people I came across were in Scotland, Africa and cosmopolitan London but I'm sure their like can be found across the pond and all over the world.

* Some of the other people who work or have worked with these youngsters.The most important of these people is Gloria Hagberg, who is very modest about how much she did to help around 5000 young Kenyans on their way to USA as scholarship university students. One of these students was Barack Hussein Obama Senior.

* Barack Obama and his followers including Oprah Winfrey. They will understand the significance of his success being more than a triumph for fusion. It would be justice.

* To those more discerning readers who are expecting either an easy read or a more highbrow read, I offer no apology. The book will probably satisfy neither group.
I don't pretend to have any answers. I merely tried to express some hope for the future for all of us.
However, I do hope I have stirred up a bit of controversy.

The other point of view

Thank you to the gentleman with right wing views who is currently blaming me, or the likes of me, for all the ills in the modern world.
He is doing his best to crush the dreams and ideals displayed by Ella in 'Fusion'.
I might not be as hopelessly (or should I say hopefully) naive as Ella, as I have said before, but I am strong enough to stick up for her viewpoint and can clearly see that some of the views expressed by this person have no place in an inclusive and optimistic society which provides hope for the new generation.
In his world, which isn't Ella's world, fear, pessimism and divisiveness would continue without respite.

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